Most famous casino blackjack winner strategies

Blackjack is a very common and well-known game, so the presence of a huge number of tournaments does not surprise anyone. There are tournaments with different rules, with different elimination systems and participation fees, there are charity tournaments and regular ones (where the winner gets a tidy sum), but the main rules of blackjack are always the same.  After conducting research, we have identified the best casino blackjack winner strategies and the main things you need to know.

The rules are no different, so we will not focus on them. The easiest thing to advise is to study the combinations and their chances (at least approximate). 

Everything we have identified can be described in a few simple sentences.

Split Aces and Eights

Always split a pair of eights and aces. Splitting eights may seem like a bad move, but it is still the most mathematically likely way to win in this situation.

Always Surrender Hard 15 or 16

A hard 15 and 16 are two of the worst hands in blackjack. You can try, but you are playing for the long term, so minimize your losses by giving up.

Insurance bet, not the best move 

An insurance bet is a cool stuff, BUT probability suggests that insurance is a losing bet (on average 16 wins and 33 loses) in the long term. Learn about it, but keep the odds in mind. If you think it’s necessary, take the risk.

Always Double Down On A Hard 11

You will almost always win more money if, in all games with few exceptions, you double down on a hard 11.

Blackjack Charts (Guides)

Over time, blackjack came to be considered a purely mathematical card game, with many mathematicians being the best players and tournament winners in the game’s mid-life, and a lot of casino blackjack winner strategies were mainly mathematical models.

This suggestion led to several strategies for players to maximize their chances of winning. And these strategies are printed on a chart called a blackjack strategy chart.

Counting Cards

Card counting is one of the best ways to professionally approach the game. Blackjack strategy, even the best, won’t teach you about card counting since this strategy is hard for new players, it takes a fair bit of understanding of how to tag cards, crunch odds, and follow through with what the dealer is showing each round. 

Remember that card counting is legal if you do not use external card counting devices or people to assist you in card counting. But not all casinos are happy to see card counters and some will try to see you out. This method will increase your chances by one-two percentages, doesn’t sound important but in reality, it is a big improvement for you.

Casino blackjack winner strategy is different, but all professional players know about Blackjack Charts and methods of Counting Cards. There are many articles and literature that discuss these points, and we should not forget about the books of professional players. They raise these issues and often talk about their own tactics and experiences. 

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