What you need to know about blackjack tournaments rules and types

Blackjack tournaments have become one of the main reasons for the popularity of the game, and are gaining popularity. The most appreciated for the average player is online tournaments with free entry, where anyone can register and try their luck. The rules of blackjack tournaments are simple and not much different from regular blackjack. Players have the same options as in a regular game. They can draw a card, stop, double up, split the hand, or use sarendo or hedge. Strategies in tournaments are not very different from the usual game.

Most casinos follow the standard format of blackjack tournament rules. Players compete with a specific set of combinations to collect the biggest winnings. When a set number of combinations is reached, the round is over and all players count their chips. The player with the highest number is sent to the next round or declared the winner. Tournaments are played against each other, not against the casino or dealer.

Tournaments form

Tournaments come in many forms. There are two most common types “elimination tournaments”(has a lot of variations) and “non-elimination tournaments”

– elimination tournaments

In elimination tournaments, table winners play against each other forming the standings. Blackjack rules can define the method of elimination for other players, but in most cases (the World Series) the dealing shoe includes two “knockout cards”. When one of these appears during a hand, the player with least chips at the end of the following hand is eliminated, and the minimum bet is then increased, or the other method – players with the lowest chip total at the end of the 8th, 16th and 25th hands of a 30-hand round are eliminated. Therefore, the main strategy for you is to be ready for liquidation at any time.

– non-elimination tournaments

In non-elimination tournaments, no one is eliminated and the winner is the one who has more money at the end of the game. This method is easier, better for you from the statistical perspective, and most commonly used in small tournaments. Just play as usual.

Entrance fee

Players pay entrance fees for the game in most tournaments, except for free. At the beginning of the game, all participants have the same number of chips in their hands. Entry fees vary depending on the prestige of the tournament.

In small weekly tournaments, the entry fee is usually $10-25. In large blackjack tournaments, the entry fee can be very different – from several thousand to tens of thousands. The bigger the entry fee, the bigger the prize pool. For example, the prize pool of the World Series of Blackjack in 2022 was $500 000. 
Blackjack tournament rules are always the same, with a few minor changes, so if you know the basic rules, you can easily test your skills in a small local or online tournament. Don’t be afraid to lose, because it will give you invaluable experience.

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